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​Do you have an idea of where you want your organisation to be but not sure how to get there?


BB Yonder Consultants specialises in Business Events, Events, Tourism and Hospitality with over 40 years of combined experience in these industries. BB Yonder Consultants offers a range of marketing solutions, product development, planning advice, research and training to assist you in growing your business and achieving your goals.


No project is too big or too small and our team of qualified Consultants can tailor a package that is unique to your organisation.


We welcome the opportunity in helping you  transform your business ...




Specialising in an extensive range of consultancy services for the Tourism and Hospitality industry, our consultants skills are award winning. BB Yonder Consultants can help support your organisation at a strategic, tactical and operational level.


Areas of expertise include: 

  • Event development  and management 

  • Business Events development, training  and  representation services

  • Accredited facilitation of the Helping Hands and Water Works CSR Teambuilding programs

  • Hospitlaity and Tourism development and training services 

  • Bid and submission services

  • Destination and hotel representation

  • Hospitality and Tourism research

  • Keynote Speaker management



BB Yonder Consultants work with a diverse array of organisations within the Events, Business Events Hospitality and Tourism Industries.


Our clients range from:

  • Major multinational companies

  • Government Tourism Authorities 

  • Private tourism organisations 

  • Local councils 

  • Tourism Service providers 

  • Domestic and International Destinations  

  • Domestic and International hotels and resorts

  • Developers in the Tourism Industry.   


Our aim is to provide you with a bespoke program that is relevent to your needs in order to sustain growth  ...



BB Yonder Consultants

Helping clients achieve their goals...the sky is the limit!

“BB Yonder Consultants took our business to the next level.  Thank you for helping us grow our business and for your constant enthusiam”

Lesmont House, South Africa

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